Question about PAE and 3GB barrier

Pedro Francisco pedrogfrancisco at
Thu May 22 11:28:21 UTC 2008

Well you can always use a 32-bit chroot on your 64-bit system.

I've no experience on it so I can't tell you more details, just warning
you of the possibilities (P.S.: I think it is fairly *easy* to set-up
but **not** fast).

Pedro Francisco

Qui, 2008-05-22 às 12:07 +0200, Steph escreveu:
> > > Why not...
> > >     
> > 
> > :-)  I didn't want to discourage you from trying to recompile your
> > kernel... just wanted to say that if all you need is to "fix" things
> > so that you see all of your 4GB (or more) of system RAM, all you need
> > to do is install the Server Kernel.
> >   
> ;) 
> > > OK I've installed it, but freemen gives again 3.2Gb...
> > >     
> > 
> > To ask the obvious... did you reboot?  when you rebooted, did you
> > select the right kernel from the boot menu?
> >   
> Yes I did reboot and selected the proper kernel.
> I've dig into Dell's bios and there is NO memory hole option... I
> phone the hotline, and they said me that this option is not available
> on Dell Vostro 200...
> So even if I use the right 32bits kernel and set correct options, I
> think it will be impossible to address more than 3.2 Gb on a 32bits
> system since I can't modify this option in the bios :(
> I can't also install a 64 bits platform, because I need some
> enterprise applications that are known to be incompatible on 64bits...
> That's a pity ...

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