sharing /var/cache/apt over NFS

Rakotomandimby Mihamina mihamina.rakotomandimby at
Thu May 22 10:18:36 UTC 2008

Hi all,
Given a dozen of boxes (same hardware), a slow (~220Kbps) connexion to
Internet and Ubuntu, _not_ netbooting (each workstation has its own system)

I would like to speed up the update/upgrade process.
I have the apt-mirror possibility, but it downloads a whole repository.
The perfect solution would be a "selective apt-mirror" that would only
mirror some packages.

One workaround would be to launch the update/upgrade on one workstation
(let's call it "the master") and then share /var/cache/apt over NFS...
Then the other boxes would mount "the master's"  /var/cache/apt on their
/var/cache/apt and take what they need from that directory.

Is it a bad idea?

PS: I dont have the workstations yet, I am just preparing their

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