Question about PAE and 3GB barrier

Clayton smaug42 at
Thu May 22 09:26:49 UTC 2008

> Why not...

:-)  I didn't want to discourage you from trying to recompile your
kernel... just wanted to say that if all you need is to "fix" things
so that you see all of your 4GB (or more) of system RAM, all you need
to do is install the Server Kernel.

> But what's its name ? I can't see it in the list...

I don't have it here in front of me... to install it on my computer I
started Synaptic (not the Add7Remove programs view, the full Synaptic)
and searched for "kernel".  It is there in the list several times (in
the same spot in the list as the existing kernel you have
installed)... I tagged the top level meta packages and installed...
restarted.  Note that if you are using 3rd party drivers such as the
nVidia binary driver, make sure you include the restricted modules
packages for the Server kernel or X will not restart.

> OK I've installed it, but freemen gives again 3.2Gb...

To ask the obvious... did you reboot?  when you rebooted, did you
select the right kernel from the boot menu?


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