undo sudo

Kenneth Loafman kenneth at loafman.com
Thu May 22 00:37:36 UTC 2008

On Wed, 21 May 2008 14:03:12 -0700, Steve Lamb wrote:

> On Wed, May 21, 2008 1:49 pm, Mario Vukelic wrote:
>> What's wrong with sudo -i and sudo -s ?
>     Nothing other than my ignorance of them.  Conversely what's wrong
>     with
> sudo su -i and sudo su -s other than they're 3 characters longer.
> Functionally they are identical, no?  ;)


The -i option means to pseudo-login as root.  This means the environment
vars and PATH get set the same as root.  In some systems, the sbin and
other directories are not available to users, so the -i is necessary.

The -s option allows you to use the shell specified by the SHELL
variable, or as specified by the passwd file.  Some users of csh and
alternate shells may want to use this since not all alternate shells are
compatible with what root expects to use.


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