First time ubunu user, copying a folder to a root directory

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Wed May 21 23:58:01 UTC 2008

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وفا خلیقی، Vafa Khalighi wrote:
| Hi, I am just a new ubuntu user and used suse previously, ubuntu is far
| better than suse but I have a bit of problem
| when I try to copy or say drag and drop a folder to  a root directory,
| It does not allow me to do it. I activated my root account and I can
| activate it by writing su in the terminal but when I open gdm.conf and
| change Allowroot=false to Allowroot=true, it does not allow me to save
| it having in mind that I entered su in the terminal so I should have a
| root permision.
| Can you please tell me how can I copy a folder from desktop to a root
| directory.

sudo nautilus

and navigate to the directory you want to copy to.  that is the easiest
way for now until you get a handle on the command line (if you even want
to do so)  try man cp in a terminal for more info on the copy command.

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