Command Line

Jeffrey Tooker Jeffreytooker at
Wed May 21 15:52:13 UTC 2008

Ed Greshko wrote:
> mike wrote:
>> I may actually compile a list of say 100 or 200 common commands for the 
>> newbie if time permits and post here things like "apt-get install" etc 
>> if you guys think it usefull.
> Not a very useful thing, IMHO.  It will get buried in the archives where 
> nobody searches.  So, it will be of value for only those few that read it 
> "now".  If you are going to undertake an endeavor such as this, best to 
> attach it to a well known wiki.
I have sent a link to a "command list" in a previous post. It is the 
first result entry on a Google search "Linux basic commands". I keep the 
link in my bookmarks under Ubuntu Ops. It is easy to find if one is 
willing to search.

Jeffrey Tooker

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