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Wed May 21 14:02:58 UTC 2008

Chris Hallsworth wrote:
> Hi all, I'm sorry for the vague subject line, but I keep hearing things like 
> / and stuff that sounds like Jibberish to me. 

This sort of thing  is intended for use with the command line (cl) and 
is not intended for use by beginners. As a beginner I stayed close to 
point and click most of the time. Even now when I am  not really a 
beginner any more, I find the command line occasionally very useful 
although with my limited experience I need to use it with great care - 
it is powerful and I can screw stuff up very fast.....

the forward slash   /   indicates the location of something, in fact 
at the 'top' of the tree, (root)
the name autogen is a filename. Filenames can be arbitrary, but if 
they are readable then a guess might help, but needs to be checked
the .sh indicates I think a shell script which is a sequence of 
commands in a file which can be executed, or run.

There are countless commands available, you may get a headache trying 
to find out too much too fast!

You can use commands in a 'terminal' or shell by typing in directly 
and finishing with a return key.

an easy command is
(short for list)

if you type ls into a terminal as
man ls (return)
you will see a page of detail explanation of the command ls, using the 
so called man (manual) pages.

 >Using Ubuntu 8.04,
> where can I find out all these commands?

If you search the web for something like 'linux common commands' you 
will find quite a lot

> Are there any resources on the web? 

Most of what comes up in searches is aimed at more experienced users 

An introduction of ubuntu generally (not command line) can be found at

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