[OT] Debian mailinglists [was: RE: Debian or Ubuntu?]

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Wed May 21 01:38:19 UTC 2008

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-05-20 at 15:35 -0400, Bart Silverstrim wrote:
>> Interesting point, but to answer your question, if the system is broken 
>> and they needed the help desk to begin with, something is already 
>> impeding them.
> But taking over their screen can easily impede them more.

Can. We try not to.  Sorry dude, that's just the way it is...I also have 
to work around my mechanic's schedule when my car needs service. If they 
don't want it fixed I'll stay out of the way.

>> The NMAP front end?
> I just looked at screenshots, and while I haven't used it, I think I can
> say two things:
> One, it is not a configuration editor as such - it controls several
> independent applications. To make it work as an analogy to Derek's
> proposal (GUI editor that prevents admin from making mistakes), you
> would now have to require that Zenmap allows only combinations of
> options and settings that achieve what the admin intended and don't
> break anything.

It does not configure a configuration file, but it does configure your 
command line options for a potentially complex application. And it only 
controls nmap, if you're looking at the application I had used.

> <snip>
>> Maybe. It depends on the nature of the edits. Otherwise you couldn't 
>> have commented CPP code that can be opened in your favorite IDE/editor.
> Hmm, interesting point, but something is wrong with it, i just can't put
> my finger on it right now. I'm sure someone else will :)

Oh no doubt. We're a particularly chatty bunch all of a sudden...TV must 
be repeats.

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