hang! on username log-in

Ruel Quintana ruel at cofta.com.ph
Wed May 21 00:15:57 UTC 2008

I replaced my windows with ubuntu 8.04. The first time I install was smooth.
I was able to use without hitch. It doesn't hang on username login and
password. I made a tickering on network and others. It hangs. Bad trip, I
re-install it. I thought it will be alright the way I install the first
time. The same problem, it hangs on log-in! I noticed you have to wait very
long time to allow you to enter your username and password! When you type,
it's it takes time for the letter to appear! What's the problem?


My computer is Pentium 2.4 - Intel processor. Video card - 128 sparkle. 256
ram. I bought it 2003.


Thank you very much.

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