Keyboard layout changes on applying updates!

Ajay Gupta ajay at
Mon May 19 04:39:47 UTC 2008

Hi People,

The problem is solved by something I should have figured much earlier. I 
removed all the layouts that I had configured, except the one which 
works for me. Now, the system has no option to switch the layout to. 
Hence, it continues to stay in the same layout even after upgrades.

Thanks anyways,

Ajay Gupta wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have added the keyboard layout indicator on the top panel, because I
> had problems getting double and single quotes to work (type) in
> gnome-terminal. From various posts on the internet, I figured it was a
> problem with the keyboard layout. Initially, it showed USA. I clicked on
> it and it changed to USA2. Gnome-terminal started working properly.  A
> little while later the panel showed that updates are available for
> Ubuntu. I updated the system, only to find that after the updates were
> applied, the keyboard layout had changed back to USA. Quite expectedly,
> I could not type quotes at the gnome-terminal (the same terminal has
> been open all this while).
> It seems that applying Ubuntu updates resets the keyboard layout
> settings. Is it not a bug? Is there a way to make it stay permanently as
> USA2 layout? (because that is what works for me).
> Thanks in advance,
> Ajay
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