X11 login screen receives no input from mouse or keyboard

Alex Janssen alex at ourwoods.org
Tue May 20 22:05:42 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen said the following on 05/20/2008 03:16 PM:
> I once had a similar situation in Fedora using the wrong (believe it
> or not) video driver. Post your xorg.conf file. If you saved the
> xorg.conf file from 6.06, post it as well. If you used the same file,
> are you sure that the correct driver is even installed on the system?
> Dotan Cohen
I tried this with no xorg.conf and it is still disconnected from the 
keyboard and mouse. I can ctl-alt-F1 to a console.  I noticed that when 
I type at th gui login, the keystrokes show up on the black screen after 
stopping gdm.

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