kiosk live cd

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue May 20 11:14:14 UTC 2008

Alain Muls wrote:
> I am looking for a LiveCD which can be used as a Kiosk with only a
> browser available for the users at a conference I organise which 140
> persons will attend.
> I would like it to be a ubuntu based CD (preferably) with firefox which
> defaults to a homepage I can sat. I also need to be able to configure a
> proxy. I do not want to store history or private information. I prefer
> not to install to a harddrive and the user should not be able to
> reboot, if he would do it, the kiosk firefox mode should be restored.

If nobody can point you to an existing CD according to your requirements, 
you will have to make it yourself. These instructions might help:


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