New install. Installer hangs cold at initramfs prompt.

Nat Gross nat101l at
Tue May 20 02:25:40 UTC 2008

>> Nat Gross wrote:
>> Hi;
>> Installing 8.0.4 on new 64 bit HP AMD Phenom9600 system, and a few
>> moments after indicating "English", the system hangs cold with mouse
>> and keyboard also locked.
>> This happens at the initramfs prompt.
>> Am installing 64 bit on the system which has Vista SP1 installed on
>> half of 1 drive.
>> The system has 2 465 gig drives attached to an HP Nvidia RAID
>> controller but NOT configured as raid, just 2 drives.
>> It also has a GeForce 8400 video, along with 6 gig of ram.
>> Please advise.
>> nat

UPDATE: With Vista running I inserted the ubuntu install cd, and 'just
for fun' I had install itself inside Windows (whatever that means).
After reboot, the bootloader presented vista and ubuntu on the menu
(same as installed 'outside' Windows, no?) and when choosing ubuntu,
after a longer wait, it also dumped to initramfs, BUT the system is
NOT LOCKED, and I can enter commands. Is there something I can do that
will resolve the problem?
And what;s this running inside Windows business, if I may.

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