[OT] Debian mailinglists [was: RE: Debian or Ubuntu?]

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue May 20 00:46:53 UTC 2008

Mike Bird wrote:

> Configs MUST always be readily understandable and modifiable by
> both humans-with-texteditors and programs.  Simple text config
> files and maybe XML are acceptable; Windoze registry is not.
> Derek's point is that it SHOULD also be possible to edit configs
> via a question/answer system with syntactic and consistency checks.

No, actually it isn't.  I'd be happier if it wasn't even possible to
configure most servers with a text editor.  I don't trust people,
especially administrators who think they know everything.  I particularly
don't trust people to hand edit my ssh config.

imo, Windows registry would be fine - if it actually validated what you

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