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Mon May 19 23:31:58 UTC 2008

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Jeroen T. Bezemer wrote:
> I was wondering... I have some VirtualPC for OS/2 (as of before M$
> bought VPC) disk-images of WinXP, and no longer (for 2 years now) a
> running OS/2
> Would it somehow be possible to open these disk-images, and/or run the
> windows to retrieve some product-keys?

You do realize you're asking the Ubuntu-users list about your Windows XP
problem right?

That said you seem to have come to the right place.  :)

You should be able to use the VMWare Converter to covert those into
VMWare images and then hopefully open them with VMWare Player or VMWare
Server to play with XP and/or retrieve your keys.  VMWare Player is in
the repos and should be an easy install.  VMWare Server is a little more
tricky.  BTW which version of Ubuntu are you using - you are using
Ubuntu somewhere right?

"Convert other virtual machine formats such as Microsoft Virtual PC and
Microsoft Virtual Server or backup images of physical machines such as
Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery or Norton Ghost 12 to VMware
virtual machines."

- -d
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