Root password changing by itself

Vijay Krishnan vijay.stanford at
Mon May 19 19:49:04 UTC 2008

Hi all,

    I have Ubuntu 7.10 installed on my machines. I strangely find
that I am often unable to login to the machine with my regular
root password using ssh. Fortunately I have physical access to the machine,
which allows me to change the password back. Any idea what could be
the reason? Is it necessarily evidence of my machine being hacked
into, or could it also have something to do with my messing around
with ssh keys etc.? What should I do to protect against both
possibilities. In other words if it is a security breach, how do I
plug it and prevent the "hacker" from having continued access.
    If the password change is a result of something else, what are
the possibilities I should address.

Vijay Krishnan

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