Some keys are missing in the "Power OFF" dialogue

Johnny Rosenberg gurus.knugum at
Mon May 19 16:31:14 UTC 2008

I have had a problem for weeks now that nobody seems to be able to solve, or
maybe just nobody cares...

The problem occurs when I click the "Power down" button, or whatever it's
called, I am talking about the button next to the date and time in the upper
right corner (where it is by default, I didn't move it around). What happens
is that the dialogue opens as it should, but two buttons are missing:
Suspend and Hibernate. If I click Cancel and then click the Power Down
button again, all 7 buttons are there (plus Cancel of course).

Here are some clues:

   - I also have KDE and Xfce installed on my system, but this problem ONLY
   occurs with Gnome.
   - My wife has an account on the very same computer, but she has no
   problem of this kind at all. She always gets the 7 buttons plus the Cancel
   - If I click [System → Appearance → Visual Effects → None → Close], the
   problem still persists, even after full restart.
   - If I logout, then login to a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F2), then rename *
   ~/.gconf* to *~/.gconf.old*, then logout and finally do a normal login to
   Gnome again, the same problem still persists.

I don't really know what's best to try next. Any ideas?

I still run Ubuntu 7.10 (but I plan to upgrade to 8.04).

Johnny Rosenberg
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