Root partition full, although baboab says different

Michele m.zarri at
Mon May 19 16:15:18 UTC 2008

Hello Mike,

2008/5/19 Mike Bird <mgb-ubuntu at>:

> On Mon May 19 2008 08:48:03 Michele wrote:
> > @ Mike: any chance you remember the name of the thread?
> Michele,
> As a courtesy to list members you should make at least a
> certain amount of effort before asking for help.  All
> messages in this list have a link at the bottom which
> will take you to a web page about the list, and thence
> to the archives.  It should take you less than a minute
> to scan the archives for the last 24 hours to find the
> relevant thread.

I did search with google and tried what I found there (as reported at the
bottom of my original post, namely clean the apt-get cache and empty the
root trash). The reason why I asked about the title of the thread is because
often the subject is not very informative and I thought it was not too much
to ask for the subject (it is not easy to find the right key words to scope
down the search to a manageable number of topics). I have now located the
thread and will give a try to the suggestions given there.

> If you should need help fixing the problem without a LiveCD,
> and can't find a relevant thread, and can't find anything
> useful via Google, please post your question then.

Will let you know if I need more help.


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