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Mon May 19 14:31:33 UTC 2008

Am Donnerstag, den 15.05.2008, 22:00 +0100 schrieb Chris G:
> > My guess, is to install the first one, called "python":
> >
> > 
> Yup, and then you just type 'python' at a command prompt and you're in
> Python. 

And if you think your interactive Python shell could be a bit more
comfortable, just install and run "ipython". You will never want to use
the standard Python shell again. Here's the package description:

Package: ipython
Description: enhanced interactive Python shell
 IPython can be used as a replacement for the standard Python shell,
 or it can be used as a complete working environment for scientific
 computing (like Matlab or Mathematica) when paired with the standard
 Python scientific and numerical tools. It supports dynamic object
 introspections, numbered input/output prompts, a macro system,
 session logging, session restoring, complete system shell access,
 verbose and colored traceback reports, auto-parentheses, auto-quoting,
 and is embeddable in other Python programs.

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