Gmail pop

James Gray james at
Sun May 18 22:53:01 UTC 2008

Carl Spitzer wrote:
> Strange problem no access to pop3 Gmail in 7.04 from Evolution.
> Pop3 does work in another distro along with all other pop accounts,
> hotpop, lavabit, myrealbox, keepandbeararms, bluebottle and the ISP.
> It works at home in SuSE but not the library in Feisty.
> What is different with Gmail ?

Maybe your library is blocking access to TCP/110 (POP3)?  What happens 
if you type "telnet <ip-for-gmail-pop> 110" (without the "")? If it 
times out or you get a connection refused, your library doesn't want you 
accessing it.  If you get a welcome banner, you're connected and there 
is a configuration problem in Evolution.



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