New install. Installer hangs cold at initramfs prompt.

Nat Gross nat101l at
Sun May 18 22:16:34 UTC 2008

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 5:52 PM, "Terrell Prudé Jr."
<microman at> wrote:
> Nat Gross wrote:
>> Hi;
>> Installing 8.0.4 on new 64 bit HP AMD Phenom9600 system, and a few
>> moments after indicating "English", the system hangs cold with mouse
>> and keyboard also locked.
>> This happens at the initramfs prompt.
>> Am installing 64 bit on the system which has Vista SP1 installed on
>> half of 1 drive.
>> The system has 2 465 gig drives attached to an HP Nvidia RAID
>> controller but NOT configured as raid, just 2 drives.
>> It also has a GeForce 8400 video, along with 6 gig of ram.
>> Please advise.
>> nat
> Those aren't Seagate hard disks by any chance, are they?
Uh oh. I smell trouble.
Seagate ST350063 500GB (465 gig in reality.) two of em.
What's the scoop?

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