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Ansgar Burchardt ansgar at 2008.43-1.org
Sun May 18 19:40:12 UTC 2008


Mike Bird <mgb-ubuntu at yosemite.net> writes:
> There may not be a -f in "man fsck" but the fsck command supports -f
> as you could very easily have verified before posting false information
> to this list.

> A few options are deliberately omitted from man pages so that newbies
> don't play with dangerous features unless recommended.

Actually the "-f" option is documented in e2fsck(8), as are other
filesystem-specific options for ext2/3.  This is also mentioned in

I think it is a bad idea to omit options from man pages just so
"newbies" won't find them.  This makes them harder to find if they are
really needed, and how should you find out what they actually do if
there is no documentation?


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