unusual Update Manager update offering

Default User xyzzyx at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 17 18:53:28 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-05-17 at 19:51 +0200, Nils Kassube wrote:
> Default User wrote:
> > Update Manager just popped up with the latest list of new updates.  The
> > list shows 8 total updates.  But for one of these,
> >
> > libtotem-plparser10
> >
> > the "check" button in front of it was unchecked.  I have never seen
> > this happen before.  I did,
> >
> > sudo find / libtotem-plparse*
> First, better avoid using sudo if it isn't needed. The relevant 
> directories for your search are all word readable.
> Second, the syntax of your command is wrong. Use this instead:
> find / -name libtotem-plparse\*
> You will probably find the files in /usr/lib.
> > 1) Why is this update not "checked", and
> I think the update conflicts with other packages which can't be used with 
> the new version but only with the installed version.
> > 2) Should I just do the other updates as usual and ignore this one, or
> > check the update to do it also, or do something else?
> I would update the other packages. Probably there will be a fix for the 
> problematic package within a few days. Maybe you should file a bug at 
> <https://bugs.launchpad.net/>.
> Nils

Thanks to all for the replies.  

I did indeed leave "-name" out of 

find / -name libtotem-plparse\*

and wonder why I get no results found.  Yes, I do feel stupid.  BTW, why
"\" at the end of the filename argument, and not just "\"? What does the
"\" do?  

I normally use "sudo" with "find" because when I don't, I get a very
long list of directories not searched, each with a "permission denied"
error message.  If you don't know where a file should be, or even if it
exists, (which is why you are using "find"), how can you do a full
search without using sudo?  And what are the security risks of using
"sudo find", especially on a local filesystem? 

PS - I did the other 7 updates; seemed to go okay.  Update Manager is
telling me the system is "up-to-date", but it still shows
libtotem-plparser10 in the recommended updates window, but the check
button still won't allow it to be selected.  FWIW, Synaptic says that
libtotem-plparser10, "version 2.22.2-0ubuntu1 (hardy)" is
"Installed(upgradeable)", priority: optional; and that the latest
available version is "2.22.3-0ubuntu1 (hardy-updates)". 

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