Dual Booting

Cliff chaynes33 at embarqmail.com
Sat May 17 17:04:51 UTC 2008

I am new to Ubuntu.

  After watching this thread, it looks as if I managed to do something 
I have Ubuntu running on two machines ...  Both are running Windows XP 
Pro and Ubuntu 8.04.

#1 machine is a Compaq Presario.
    1.5 GiB ram
    2.7 GhZ Intell Celeron CPU
        Drive 0 is (200 GiB) partitioned as:
            C:   50 GiB  (approx)
            E:  50 GiB  (approx)
            F:   100  GiB  (approx)
        Drive 1 is one big partition which is:
            D:  200 GiB

Here is what I did:
   New folder in  >  My Documents  >   Ubuntu.  In the Ubuntu folder, I 
down loaded >   ubuntu-8.04-desktop-i386.iso AND Wubi-8.04.exe.  From 
that folder, I ran the program
Wubi-8.04.exe.  Ubuntu has been installed on logical drive F.

#2 machine is home rolled.
    Mother board:  PC Chips A13G V 3.0
    2 GiB Ram dual ddr 2
    2.2 GhZ Athelon CPU
       Drive 0 is (320 GiB) partitioned as:
          C: ; D: and E: at approx 100 GiB respectively.

  Again, as above with folders, this time Ubuntu is installed on logical 
drive E.  I also burned
the ISO image to a CD.

  With that CD, I ran Ubuntu on 2 older machines that are way slow.  350 
MhZ CPU.  The drive was
only 3 GiB.  It ran flawlessly, even off the CD.  I did have to down 
load the "proprietary" drivers
for the displays, which was no problem.

  I notice that while looking through the files on the drives that 
Ubuntu is installed on, there is a
program to un-install Ubuntu.

  My next step is to see if I can revive my old Toshiba lap top which 
keeps giving me the error of:
"This is the wrong CD for this machine.".  It just will not accept the 
CD that came with the lap top.

  I am/will be looking at "Wine" as I have some programs that are built 
around Window$

  Hope this helps someone and I have this in the right place.  Or if 
someone has any suggestions, I
am more than willing to listen & learn.

Thank you Team Ubuntu


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