Problems with nm-applet

Flavio Costa flavio.cdc at
Sat May 17 16:56:18 UTC 2008


I currently experiencing some weird problem.
Right after I login to GNOME the NetworkManager applet show either two small
computers, as if was connected to a wired network and I'm not, or it shows
those little bars that shows the signal strenght when I'm connected to a
WiFi network. That would be fine if I was actually connected to any network,
but I'm not!
Those bars appears even when NetworkManager is still trying to connect to
the AP (exchanging keys, IPs, etc...) and this stage I should have not those
little bars but that pretty icon showing me that NetworkManager is working
on getting connected.

Does anyone has, by any chance, idea of what's happening? I've considered
formating and installing again, but I'd rather fix it.

Don't know if that would be any helpful but I tried to configure a PPPoE
access once and it didn't work, can this break my nm-applet?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Flávio Coutinho da Costa
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