My Emacs lost the ability to highlight the syntaxes in 8.04

yueyu lin popeyelin at
Fri May 16 23:28:29 UTC 2008

It's really strange. I have to enable the syntax highlighting by "M-x
font-lock-mode" every time I open my emacs. I can't enable it in .emacs. It
should be a conflict with other el files.

On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 3:21 PM, yueyu lin <popeyelin at> wrote:

> When I finish the fresh new installing of Ubuntu 8.04, my emacs including
> emacs 22 and emacs snapshot lost the highlighting syntaxes ability. While
> the xemacs's highlighting still works well.
> My home directory is reserved so all of my other emacs plugins are still
> there.
> I mainly use the XRef and have a lot of c projects. The XRef is still there
> but I feel very uncomfortable without the syntax highlighting.
> Does anyone meet the same problem and how to solve it? Thanks in advance.
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> Yueyu Lin

Yueyu Lin
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