OT: Re: Computer loosing time

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Fri May 16 17:20:03 UTC 2008

Rashkae wrote:
> Presumably, with NTP service enabled, the time will resync with the
> Internet servers on a periodic basis.  I don't know what the default
> interval is, however.. my own observation is that it cannot be more
> than once a day.  (Is it a cron job?)  In any case, assuming all
> hardware is working correctly, there should be no need to resync time
> on a running modern system.

With ntpdate installed (don't know if it is default) the machine is 
synchronized with the Ubuntu server at startup. I don't think there is a 
new synchronization later again. A clock synchronization could break 
applications if the machine time jumps too much. From many years ago I 
remember a problem with cron after a time adjustment.

If you have ntp installed, your machine will be continuosly synchronized 
to the time server. The sync interval depends on the clock variation of 
your machine. IIRC the interval is in the range 60s to 1000s. Of course 
that can only work with a permanent internet connection.


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