Is NTFS resizing safe nowadays?

Phill MV hiffyness at
Fri May 16 17:01:53 UTC 2008

> Define Safe?  I would never manipulate partitions unless I was ready to
> do a full recovery... The process isn't bugged or error prone, but an
> inconveniently timed power outage or hardware failure can do much more
> damage than usual.

Well, let's define safe to be, "barring freak accidents external to the
software, if you follow the steps in the vast majority of cases it will work
perfectly" :P. I just have no means to perform recovery, because getting it
reimaged is a large hurdle.

I'm uneasy about just blowing it all away and leaving ubuntu 'cos there are
lots of network quirks that might leave me without a working system either

You failed to mention what version of Windows you use.  If it's Vista,
> use Vista's partition resizing tools (Computer management GUI).  This
> isn't a suggestion, ntfs tools (last I checked, might be updated now)
> does not support changes Vista made, but Vista can resize partitions any
> which way live without any need for defraging.

Alas, I'm running XP.
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