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Matt Florido matt at
Fri May 16 15:39:14 UTC 2008

* Karl Larsen <k5di at> [05-16-2008 05:44]:

>     I too went from Fedora to Ubuntu. It is a good move if you want 
> things to work. In Fedora your worried about the Red Hat server versions 
> that are making money for the company. Here your getting a Linux that is 
> actually EASY to install, and it works well.

I'm another Fedora to Ubuntu convert.  I still have servers and a couple
test laptops running older versions of Fedora and often switch between
the two distros.  I suppose each distro has their distinct nuances, but
it's a great learning experience.  You always have the net and your
friend Google to search for answers.  I haven't found any critical
issues with Ubuntu for my needs.  Just a couple of challenges along the

One nuance that I'm still getting accustomed to is the use of sudo to do
most root tasks in Ubuntu.  I suppose it's a Debian thing.  From a
security perspective, it's definitely beneficial, although I do find
myself su'ing to root once in a while.

Matt Florido

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