Screen Resolution Change Using GUI Not Working

Jeffrey Tooker Jeffreytooker at
Fri May 16 06:20:32 UTC 2008

Jeffrey Tooker wrote:
> I am trying to modify my screen resolution by GUI.  I am in Gutsy, 
> updated to today. I go to System>Preferences>Screen Resolution.  I go 
> through the three choices on the window and click apply.  Nothing 
> happens to the resolution and the timer starts timing out to accept 
> previous resolution.  I need to change the resolution of my monitor.  
> Small print is bad for old eyes.  I have read the help linked to the 
> resolution window, it did not help.  I went to the archive for this 
> month and found the screen resolution thread.  I read through it I did 
> not find a solution  that I understood.  I am minimally fluent in CLI.  
> If the solution is in CLI (which I believe it will be) please highlight 
> the required commands so I can copy and paste into command line.
> Jeffrey Tooker
After further searching online I found:

Under "Desktop Setting" I found the solution to my problem. After making 
resolution changes, I had to reboot my system. I changed resolution when 
I first loaded Gutsy and the resolution changed without rebooting my 
computer. I have downloaded all the updates and at sometime the 
resolution changed from the setting I made after first loading Gutsy to 
default. Is there a reason for the reversion to default and having to 
reboot the system for the change to become effective?

Jeffrey Tooker

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