from fedora to ubuntu

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at
Fri May 16 06:00:02 UTC 2008

Nat Gross wrote:
> Hi;
> After many years on Fedora and Redhat, I am considering jumping ship.
> My immediate concern of course is how quickly I can get up to speed with ubuntu.
> Is there a document that details fundamental differences for folks
> coming from fedora?
> For example, can I use yum out of the box? More importantly is the
> location of key files and directories off /etc, etc. [pun intended].
> Thanks
> nat

You're in more luck than you might know, Nat.  GNU/Linux is pretty much
GNU/Linux.  You'll find APT to be, if you will, the "original version"
of yum.  :-)  I started with Red Hat way back, and now I use both
distributions and go back and forth between them seamlessly.

There are, naturally, some differences, but they're hardly
insurmountable.  For example, the stuff that you know of in
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts is now in /etc/network/interfaces.  Also,
"yum update" or "yum upgrade" is replaced by the tag-team combo:

  apt-get update
  apt-get upgrade

It's actually quite easy if you're already used to the idea of yum.

Also, on Red Hat-type distros, general user accounts start at UID 500. 
Most other distros start UID's at 1000, including Debian, Ubuntu, and
Slackware.  Therefore, if you're keeping your home directory, just
remember to chown -R YourUserID:YourUserID /home/YourUserID.

And yes, the key files, etc. you know from /etc, are still in /etc,
/etc/ssh, /etc/samba, etc.  :-)

Any other differences are pretty minor, and you'll sort them out with
little trouble.  I did.

Hope this helps.


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