weird problem installing 8.04

Kevin O'Rorke kororke at
Wed May 14 06:41:36 UTC 2008

I received my Official DVD's for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, and Kubuntu 8.04 
Neither will install (previous versions ok)
Ubuntu -- Select English -- select Install.
Activity indicator goes back and forth for some time, then the following 
comes up.

Busybox V1:1.1.3 Ubuntu 12 built in shell (ash) enter 'help' for a list 
of built in commands.
There is nothing in the help list appertaining to install.

With Kubuntu the same but instead of  the 'busybox' message a rapidly 
scrolling message

unable to read page block 28d9e994 size eedf
also something else that I cannot read.

The motherboard is ASUS A8V with AMD 3000+ CPU and 1 Gb ram
I have done a memory test and nine passes zero errors
I repeat, previous versions install ok.

Any experts out there with an explanation for this and/or a fix.

Kevin O'Rorke

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