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Steve Lamb grey at
Thu May 15 01:03:23 UTC 2008

Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Drop the last two and tons of information on this going back to 2006. 
> Seems like a simple fix once I dig up a rescue CD and see what my
> partition migrated to.  Geez.

    I was wrong.  Boot and wait for busybox to come up.  /dev doesn't have
sda5 so no change of a sane fallback.  So I dig around, find my rescue CDs,
boot into one, chroot over to my machine and pull up the UUID of sda5.
What'cha know, it's the same flippin' UUID as in all the boot options.
Chances are at this point I'll have a faster time torrenting 8.04, burning it
and reinstalling than fixing this.

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