Virtual disk recovery [was: Virtualbox: expanding the size of a virtual disk]

David Armour d.f.armour at
Wed May 14 21:00:12 UTC 2008

>> Before upgrading to Hardy a couple of weeks back, I was using both 
>> Virtualbox and VMWare (server) to take a look at various 
>> distributions (LinuxMint, DreamLinux, Hardy-beta, etc.)
>> Since the up-grade, however, only VirtualBox shows up on the 
>> Applications/System Tools listing, and I initially read that Hardy 
>> was missing a couple of components [paraphrasing] that VMWare needed. 
>> Since then, I've found one way to (re-)install VMWare on Hardy:
>> [] 
>> But because I definitely no longer need the space for the Hardy-beta 
>> trial, I still want that hard-drive space back! <snip>
> A) I've been downloading and installing the latest beta of VMWare 
> server from Vmware.  It uninstalls the old Vmware and the betas have 
> been working for me on my Hardy install, but be aware that it is very 
> different in interface from the previous versions...this one is 
> web-based.
> B) If you want the space back, just delete the folder in which you had 
> the virtual machine and you'll reclaim your hard drive space.  The 
> default install area was something like /var/lib/vmware/Virtual 
> Machines, under that were individual directories for each VM.

Thank the relelvant deity-like entity for your reply! Both for the 
reassurance of A), and for memory-jogging of B). I was sure I'd seen 
something along B)'s lines in the backwash of my ordinary daily surfing, 
but I'd encountered the info when I still couldn't locate the folder, so 
the advice was mute, as they say in Langford.

Thanks v. much for your message!

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