can't seem to get openssh-*

Thilo Six T.Six at
Wed May 14 17:21:24 UTC 2008

Karl Auer wrote the following on 14.05.2008 05:06

Hi Karl

> OK - I am still trying to figure out under what circumstances items are
> "kept back".

$ man apt-get | less -p "Packages currently installed"
$ man apt-get | less -p "dist-upgrade in addition"

> Are they kept back if upgrading them would cause the
> installation of a new package, for example? In this case the
> openssh-blacklist package was new...

yes. The above has a far better wording then mine so better read that version.

> In a couple of locations people have suggested using "dist-upgrade" but
> as I understand it, that would try to upgrade me from Feisty to Gutsy,
> which I don't want.

Any 'upgrade' can only download and install packages from the 'sources aka
archives' defined in sources.list. If that list haven't changed an upgrade
like from Feisty to Gutsy isn't possible.

> Regards, K.

bye Thilo

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