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Tue May 13 11:09:37 UTC 2008

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>My internet connection is currently irritatingly intermittent.  Pending
the resolution of this, which might take a few days, I still need to
work. The nature of the work requires me to know, independently of just
trying, whether or not the internet connection is working.

>My machine connects to a router, which connects to a modem.

>Is there an application that would give me a graphical real-time
indication of whether my machine can or cannot connect to the outside

>Having to break off and ping some particular server each time I need to
know is rather tedious.

You are right. In Vodafone mobile connect driver for Linux you can see an icon in the system tray. This is the same for Windows. 

When you are disconnected, this icon disappear.

This is produced using code.


P.S.: I can give more information, if you are interested.

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