Debian or Ubuntu?

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at
Mon May 12 18:31:19 UTC 2008

>     In the past 10+ years every Debian upgrade that fails was 100%
> my own fault.

Funny thing that last year I moved some machine to Ubuntu after Debian
update left machine unbootable (some glibc update issue) ;-) But yes,
it was testing.

Regarding the initial question - about a year ago I had to answer it
twice (being a Debian user since 1.3). In both cases it was resolved
in a simple way: I put Debian testing installation CD into my drive,
the system failed to boot, I put Ubuntu installation CD, the system
booted and installed fine, so I went to my true work (in the meantime
spotting that I do not need to finetune xorg.conf to have my LCD
working anymore)...

[ SATA disks in both cases, plus modern mainboard in one ]

Once the system is installed and configured, there isn't that much
difference in fact (unless you count update notifications). Upstart is
cool idea but not yet fully used, apt-get works as expected, most
/etc/ looks the same or similar, packages set (if you enable universe)
is also more or less the same, and versions in Ubuntu are mostly similar
to those in testing.

Well, I miss reportbug a bit. Although most bugs I reported to Debian
ended up unresolved :-(

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