Problem with launcher creation?

Mike Adolf mlnx at
Mon May 12 14:50:49 UTC 2008

I have recently did a new install of 8.04.  The update I tried from 7.04 
screwed too many things up. The new install wasn't perfect but I was 
able to "fix" things I use, except the Create Launcher Dialog.

Whenever I bring up a NEW create launcher dialog, it is initialized with 
the gnome-panel-launcher.svg icon. I would expect it to be the "no Icon" 

If Create Launcher is arrived at by adding a NEW menu item and I try to 
browse to the icon I want to use, it will only show .svg icons. If I 
browse to my icon folder containing .png, nothing shows in the file 
selector window.

If I edit an existing menu entry already having a .png icon, I can 
browse to, and select, other .png icons.

However, if Create Launcher is brought up from the desk top, I can 
browse for the icon I want, including .png.  But that doesn't help make 
a new meun item.

What's more weird, if I drag a desktop launcher, I created with my own .png icon, to the top menu/tool bar, the icon changes back to that gnome-panel-launcher.svg icon!

Am I missing something, or is something messed up?


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