Problem with both Rhythmbox and Banshee

Pat Brown pat.mysterywriter at
Mon May 12 13:38:53 UTC 2008

I've been using Rhythmbox for some time now, and recently installed 
Banshee to manage my music better. All well and good. I imported all my 
songs into Banshee and was even able to create Playlists in Banshee, 
something that never worked in Rhythmbox. But last night I opened 
Banshee to play some music and all of a sudden my music started 
vanishing. It says the songs are missing. I go to the folder where 
they're stored and they're gone from there, too. What is happening to my 
music? I sent a bug report in about it, but I'm wondering if anyone on 
this list has seen this.


Pat Brown

L.A. Heat, the first Chris and David mystery

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