Can anyone get the old ipodder to work on hardy?

Cybe R. Wizard cybe_r_wizard at
Mon May 12 11:41:31 UTC 2008

Adam Funk <a24061 at>  said:
> After I upgraded from gutsy to hardy, I was fairly annoyed to discover
> that the upgrade had *silently* removed both xmms and ipodder.
> I've found audacious, which as far as I can tell works exactly the
> same as xmms, but I haven't found a good replacement for ipodder yet.
> I can download the edgy package [1] but ran into dependency
> difficulties getting it to work.  Has anyone else succeeded?
> Thanks,
> Adam
From Synaptic:

Tool to scan and download podcasts (podcatcher)
Podcasting is a method of publishing radio-like programs on the
Internet.  Through podcasting, almost anyone can produce their own
audio program, and publish episodes of it as often or as rarely as
they like.

To listen to podcasts, you need a program to download the podcast's
episodes from the Internet.  Such a program is called a podcatcher
(or sometimes a podcast aggregator).  hpodder is this program.

hpodder's features include:

Convenient, easy to learn, and fast command-line interface.  It's
simple to do simple things, and advanced things are possible.

Automatic discovery of feed metadata

Full history database for accurate prevention of duplicate
downloads and tracking of new episodes

Conversion tools to convert your existing feed list and history from
other applications to hpodder.  Supported applications and formats
include: castpodder and ipodder.

Most operations can work fully automatically across your entire
podcast database, or they can work manually.

Automatic updating of ID3 (v1 and v2) tags based on metadata in the
podcast feed.  This important feature is available through iTunes but
is often missed by other podcatchers.

hpodder operations can be easily scripted or scheduled using regular
operating system tools.

Fully customizable naming scheme for downloaded episodes, including a
name collision detection and workaround algorithm.

Automatic support for appending .mp3 extensions to MP3 files that
lack them.

Numerous database and history inquiry tools

Small, minimalist footprint

Power users and developers can interact directly with the embedded
Sqlite3 database used by hpodder.  The database has a simple schema
that is developer-friendly.

Support for resuming interrupted downloads of podcasts

hpodder is SAFE and is designed with data integrity in mind from the
beginning.  It should be exceedingly difficult to lose a podcast
episode, even in the event of a power failure.


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