Help required to install Ubuntu 8.04

Subrenat jj.subrenat at
Wed May 7 09:10:50 UTC 2008

Hello all,


having seen Ubuntu used by friends, I decided to switch from Windows Vista
to Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop. 

But wanting to do something is quite different from getting it done!


Not being a techie, I printed out the BurningIsoHowTo and other pieces of
advice, and went ahead.

Here's the problem I came up against:

-          I first downloaded Ubuntu 8.04

-          I downloaded and installed InfraRecorder

-          having inserted a blank CD in the laptop, and having cancelled
the Windows pop-up, 

-          I opened InfraRecorder, selected "Actions", then clicked on "Burn

-          a "Burn ubuntu-8.0.4-desktop-i386.iso" pop-up appeared, with a
window saying "no recorders available"

-          so now I'm stuck, and cannot install Ubuntu 8.04


Could anyone out there help me? I'm really looking forward to using Ubuntu
instead of Vista, and my hard disk drive is no less anxious than I am!


Many thanks!



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