Unable to boot 8.04 from External USB harddisk

Vikas vimtech at gmail.com
Mon May 12 05:20:20 UTC 2008

Hi All,
I did a fresh installation of 8.04 on my USB harddisk and also opted to
write the GRUB Bootloader information to it.
As I didn't want to disturb my Laptop T60 settings already dual bootable
with &.10 and Windows XP.

Everything went fine , till I rebooted my system from External USB Harddisk.
It stalls while trying to read boot loader and gives following error :
"Error 22"

It doesn't even display the boot menu.

 I booted into 7.04 after unplugging the USB Disk and then attached it back
to modify its menu.lst.
I changed the occurence of
hd1 to hd0 ..... because i thought while booting the system might recognize
my USB harddisk to be the first harddisk drive.
but to no avail.

Does anyone has same similar problem... I'm lost..help
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