[SeaMonkey] Hints on copying profile/emails/news etc

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 11 23:30:14 UTC 2008

For those of you that use SeaMonkey w/Ubuntu (applies to IceApe as well)
- I've posted this over on the Mozilla support group & thought it might
be useful here as well:

Ever so often there seems to questions on how to copy an existing
profile/emails/etc over to a new machine. I tend to forget how I do this
until it is necessary to do it again. So before I forget, here is how I
do it. This assumes only one user profile, so you'll need to modify
accordingly for additional profiles:

1. Install SeaMonkey on the target machine. Run once to ensure it works,
but don't create any mail profiles etc. Now rename the .mozilla folder
to x-.mozilla-x - you won't need it any longer, but it's always nice to
rename rather than delete, just in case.

2. Copy the .mozilla folder (everything) on the source machine to a safe
temp directory. Tar the folder to compress it for copying.

3. Copy the tar'ed .mozilla folder over to the target machine and
extract it to the home folder. You now have a replacement .mozilla
folder were the renamed x-.mozilla-x folder once was.

On the target machine:

4. Change the ownership of the .mozilla folder to the new machines user
and group:

sudo chown -R <user>:<usergroup> ~/.mozilla

5. Make these necessary changes:

- in /home/<username>/.mozilla/ rename appreg to x-appreg-x
- in /home/<username>/.mozilla/default/<somenumbercode>.slt:
   o delete history.dat
   o use an editor to open prefs.js and do a mass replace of
/home/<oldusername>/.mozilla to /home/<newusername>/.mozilla
Note: do not change the <somenumbercode>.slt information in the file.
Save the file.
   o do the same to the install.log file
   o do the same to the chrome.rdf file in

6. Start SeaMonkey. It will take awhile to start up as SM will rebuild
the appreg file - this is the file that SM uses to determine which
profiles are in the .mozilla folder. Use your default profile & off you go.

The above allows me to easily copy all of my SeaMonkey data (profiles,
mail, newsgroups, etc) from my desktop to a new laptop or alternate
desktop & be up and running on the other machine within about 30
minutes. It's also helpful when someone offers bad advise such as
"delete your .mozilla folder" because you are having FF3B problems :-)

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