Backup to CD options?

Mike McGinn mikemcginn at
Sun May 11 21:08:37 UTC 2008

On Sunday 11 May 2008 16:49:14 Felipe Figueiredo wrote:
> "Home User Backup" (real name hubackup) should be what you need,
> expect that it has a nasty bug that prevents the application to
> restore backups from the application interface (you can restore
> manually, if you know the DAR syntax, but it defeats the purpose of
> the GUI, right?). The bug is known upstream, and AFAIK it's not ubuntu
> related.
> Then there is "File Backup Manager" (real name pybackpack). I haven't
> tested it, but it can backup by default your home dir to a CD/DVD with
> only one click. You should give that a try (also, please test that you
> can restore from it, before trusting it your data).
> regards
> FF
I use scripts calling dar to back up everything, laptops at home and servers 
at work. It's not that complicated.

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