Mountig Windows partitions at boot in 8.04

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at
Sun May 11 17:58:14 UTC 2008

Nik N wrote:
> My previous installation (7.04?) automatically detected two windows
> partitions at the installation time and created whatever was
> necessary to mount them automatically at Ubuntu Boot time. For some
> reason (perhaps my mis-step, although I don't think so, I identified
> all partitions and their mount points to the installer) this did not
> happen for my recent installation of 8.04

I noticed that 8.04 didn't automatically pick up my NTFS drives. I
disconnected them when I did the install, and expected that they'd just
pop up after I plugged them back in. Solution below...

> What are the manual steps I must perform to have the sam (mount at 
> boot time) done in 8.04? Is it just some lines in /etc/fstab, or is 
> there mote to it?
> tia, Niknot

There's a graphical NTFS configuration shell in the repositories that
works very well using the ntfs-3g driver. It's called ntfs-config,
version 0.5.5 by Martens Florent. Easy-peasey.
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