HTML mail - a gentle reminder

John K Masters johnmasters at
Sat May 10 21:21:08 UTC 2008

On 22:04 Sat 10 May     , R Kimber wrote:
> On Sat, 10 May 2008 20:52:05 +0100
> John K Masters wrote:
> > Can we all please observe the mailing list etiquette guidelines and,
> > amongst other things, refrain from posting in HTML. To quote from the
> > official guidelines:-
> Well, yes.  But a good email client can cope with this.  On the other
> hand, not snipping is a real pain.  Bottom posting a one line reply to
> a long message is my bete noir.
Agreed. My .mailcap file copes with most stuff but I still would rather
see postings as plain text. As for one line replies to long quotes, I
very rarely bother to read posts that do not contain replies within the
first page. T-prot is useful for hiding overlong sigs. I've seen some
sigs that run to over 20 lines.

Regards, John
I wish I was young enough to know everything.
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