Change colors of bootup menu in 8.04

elmo elmo at
Sat May 10 20:12:02 UTC 2008

Alan Milnes wrote:
> On 10/05/2008, elmo <elmo at> wrote:
>>   I have some greatgrandkids who want to run their game CDs in Windows
>>  when they visit and  I don't want them  to boot UBUNTU so I edit
>>  menu.lst  to rearrange the order of listing  the operating systems to
>>  put Wndows XP at the beginning of the bootup menu and so it will
>>  autoboot in just a few seconds.
> It's easier just change the number of the default option to be Windows
> rather than mucking about changing the order of things.
> Alan
I have no problem with setting the bootmenu order, it's the colors of 
the bootup menu that I want to change.....I had no problem in setting 
the colors in the earlier versions of ubuntu......I couldn't change the 
colors after I installed 8.04.


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