Hardy: Ubuntu images and Brasero

Shawn McCuan smccuan at gmail.com
Sat May 10 18:36:08 UTC 2008

On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 2:06 PM, Anthony Gardner <cyclewood_ltd at yahoo.co.uk>

> This is just to document my experience doing a fresh install of 8.04
> After using an image I had downloaded in April, I proceeded to install ....
> only for it to crash due to a file error.
> First lesson, do a check for defects on the CD before attempting an install
> from  CD. It will save a lot of stress.
> Secondly, I then downloaded the latest image and it was less than 700MB but
> when trying to burn using Brasero, it was saying that the image was too big
> for the CD. Even though I had selected the correct size within Brasero.
> After more stress and trying to find smaller images I then, in the end,
> just chose the alternate disc. Brasero still wouldn't accept the 695 saying
> it was still too large for 700 CD.
> In the end, just as a last resort, I tried CD/DVD Creator and it worked!!
> Just a few tips .... use CD/DVD Creator and check the CD for defects before
> commencing.
> -Ants
> Disclaimer: Technically, I'm always wrong!!
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Did you check the MD5 sum for the *.iso? We're you sure to burn the *.iso as
an image instead of data? Perhaps you have a bad set of CD-R's - try a
different batch if they are available to you. Are you sure you have 700MB
CD's and not 650MB's?

Shawn McCuan
smccuan at gmail.com

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