Pulseaudio makes sound skip

Aaron soulblade at ntlworld.com
Sat May 10 16:39:54 UTC 2008

Hi there people !

I have a small issue, since 8.04 my sound skips when pulseaudio is 
running. Killing pulseaudio stops any skipping from happening. I 
initially though that pulseaudio was meant to stop this from happening, 
however this is the first time I experienced sound skipping like this.

How do I disable pulseaudio  from loading at each login?
Any ideas?

System specs
CPU: Intel Q6600
Ram: 4x 512Mb 6400 Corsair
HDD: 1x 320GB @ ~75MB/s and 1x 250GB @ ~65MB
Mobo: 965P-DS3
Network: Linksys USB connection (rt73usb)
GFX: Nvidia 8800GT (using nvidia driver)

Thanks for reading people !!!

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