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Sat May 10 16:35:49 UTC 2008

I'm am trying to try out ubuntu to see if I like it and am having bunches of problems.  I want to try the version that allows me to run it from a CD/DVD without having to install it on my PC.  I first downloaded the version 8.04 desktop ISO.  The instructions say to burn it to a 700 MB CD.  The problem is that the file is larger than 700 MB, so it won't fit.  I performed the procedure for verifying the download and it is fine.  I burned the ISO to a DVD (+RW), but it didn't burn correctly as all I get is the unexpanded file on the DVD.  Do I need to burn it to a DVD +R instead?
I am in the process of downloading the Alternate desktop version as it is a little smaller file.  At this point, I'm not sure I'm downloading the right file at all.  It seems to me the only choice I have is to download a version that installs on my PC and I don't want to do that just yet.
Where do I go from here?
Ron Schwartz
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